Cannabis Oil as an Effective Colon Cancer Treatment


    A 32- year old man from England, named David Hibbitt, was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer, and the doctors expected him to live no more than 18 months.

    At this point, he decided to follow the conventional colon cancer treatment and used chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, he realized that his conventional colon cancer treatment (radiotherapy and chemo) was actually causing more harm than good and he eventually accepted the fact that he was going to die as a result of his health issues.

    Some of his friends and colleagues recommended the use of cannabis oil, so he didn’t think much before trying it. After a while, he came to a resolution to try cannabis oil as a colon cancer treatment.

    He is getting raw cannabis from a man he knows, and spends about 50 pounds per gram. One gram is enough for one month. According to him, once he started using the oil, he probably felt high, but that feeling could not be compared to the feeling he got from chemotherapy. As soon as this effect was gone, his pains were relieved and he felt much better.

    His reasoning for trying the cannabis oil  was simple:

    “This is a proof that alternative treatments are much better than conventional colon cancer treatment, but yet, the FDA won’t admit that.”

    During the cannabis oil treatment, he stayed away from chemo and focused only on the cannabis. He scanned his body after a few months and the results were unbelievable! Namely, his cancer has retreated.

    From recent point of view, David says that he is happy that his five-year-old child will grow with his father. He recounts his experience with the aim to help others with the same or similar health issues.

    On the other hand, his fiancée, Heather, was very skeptical about this treatment and even tried to stop him in his intentions, but she soon realized that his constant research, and his struggle not to give up, gave excellent results. Now, their lives have come back to normal, and they are happy and fulfilled.

    Nevertheless, Cancer Research UK claims that there is no relevant evidence that this is an efficient and safe type of cancer treatment. Also, they say that they don’t know whether people use cannabis oil to treat cancer and other health issues.

    Still, cannabis will certainly get the status it deserves if people like David decide to share their experiences of this kind of treatments more frequently.

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