Amazing: Cannabis Oil Cured 8 Month Old Baby Diagnosed With Cancer


    Doctor William Courtney still tries to understand the power of the hemp oil. His youngest patient, an 8 month old baby, had a massive cancer located on the brain, leaving no chances for an operation.

    The baby’s father had no other chance than healing his baby in a non-traditional way, by injecting cannabis and hemp oil twice a day, gradually increasing the dose.

    In just two months the tumor drastically decreased in size. Doctor Courtney pointed out that the hemp oil therapy showed amazing success that will not result in any long-term side effects caused by both cannabis or chemotherapy. The baby was supposed to receive 20 mg for every kilogram of its weight, in a continuance of 80 days. The improved condition of the baby was high above every expectation!

    The nutritional use of cannabis brought the scientists 34 millions of years back to the evolution of the cannabis. Lipid molecules are contained in the plant for billions of years. It took time and advanced technology to understand the benefits these molecules provide.

    Scientists discovered an ingredient called cannabidiol, with the capacity to “put out” the genes responsible for the metastasis of every cancer type. What is more important is the fact that this substance does not produce any psychoactive properties.

    Hemp oil can prevent cancer, reduce heart attacks by 66 per cent, and reduce insulin levels in diabetics for up to 58 per cent.

    — By heating cannabis you will receive 10mg of cannabis referred to as a drug. But if you do not heat it, you can take 5 to 6 mg and use it as a nutritional cannabis. Cannabis is an excellent plant, because when treated properly, the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (substance that gives a ‘stoning’ effect) it contains is too low, says doctor Courtney.

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    Experts in Luxembourg use cannabis with 1 per cent of cannabidiol, which provides 19 times more cannabidiol, compared to the amount of vitamin C you get by consuming oranges. It is that 1 per cent which cures cancer.


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